10 Awesome Naruto Costumes For Your Cosplay Party or Comic-Con

10 Awesome Naruto Costumes For Your Cosplay Party or Comic-Con

Although “Naruto” is over, the “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” has surprised many fans, and the purchasing around it never seems to stop. Wear these products to bring you closer to your favorite characters. May every Naruto realize his dream of becoming the “Hokage”. Today, we will show you guys many fantastic and special Naruto costumes. 

The Sharingan is a special type of dojutsu that naturally occurs in all members of the Uchiha family, though not all of them gain the ability to utilize it. Red eyes are perfect for manipulating enemies. The mysterious and noble atmosphere of this family attracts numerous anime fans. And contact lenses are the key to becoming an Uchiha.
AngelMask provides various types of Sharingan contact lenses to help more Naruto lovers achieve cool transformation. The quality of the lens will not cause any side effect to your eyes. We provide purchase link here for you.

2. Naruto Akatsuki Costume Resin Mask
Obito, a member of Uchiha, was believed to have died during the war. Actually, Obito was saved from death and trained by Madara, while the events of the war left Obito disillusioned with reality, and he inherited Madara's plan to create an ideal new world. His iconic mask shows only one of his Sharingan. Weird masks accentuate his unpredictable power. We provide perfect costumes for Naruto fans including masks made by resin casting then spray-paint & grave finely by hand. 

3.  Naruto Uchiha Sharingan Semi-permanent Tattoo
Naruto is full of beautifully-designed symbols. No matter it is the classic mark of Konohanourakakurenomura,or the emblem of Uchiha family, all left a deep impression on Naruto lovers. Many even wanna carry that memory with them forever. But the price of tattoos is too high and people always want to try more trendy things. So the short stay of a semi-permanent tattoo can make people experience happiness and give them the opportunity to try more new things at the same time.
PS:Safety First.
This tattoo doesn’t contain PPD or other harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to your skin.

4.  Naruto Cosplay Konohanourakakurenomura Headband
Almost everyone in the world of Naruto wears a headband to signify identity. Even the renegade ninjas. That makes it definitely an indelible symbolic element in that world. Which village ninja would you like to be? Bet the Konohanourakakurenomura must be one of it. We have selected comfortable and affordable products for you.

5.  Naruto Akatsuki Members Exclusive Itachi Ring
Many of the characters in Naruto wear rings, especially for the Akatsuki. For example, Itachi wears a glass of “朱” ring on his right ring finger. The rings help them communicate and transmit images to each other. Want to brighten up your look at your cosplay party? Then you couldn’t miss the ring!

6. Naruto Shippuden Same Style Ninja Adult Zip Hoodie
Going to take part in comic-con or a cosplay party? The classic orange and yellow jacket with impressive Hokage robe of Naruto is the one you can not miss. And we have selected the best-quality customs for you to amaze the party!

7.  Naruto Stainless Steel Kunai Same Style Ninja Knife
Weapons like Shuriken and Kunai in Naruto are definitely essential props for our photos. While the utilization requires great skills due to the sharp knife and heaven material. Find them here.

8.  Naruto Anime Same Style Adjustable Bracelet
The tattoos and costumes are too much? Then the delicate bracelet with understated patterns can satisfy your pursuit of quality. As a fan of Naruto, collecting a bracelet can help you retain good memories of this classic anime.

9. Naruto &Tsunade Jewelry Of Cosplay Pendant Necklace
There are many characters wearing necklaces in Naruto. During which the Magatama necklace with magical powers originated in Japanese mythology as the halidom of the Amaterasu is a symbol of power. Though the Tsunade’s necklace of Naruto was regarded as the most valuable.

10.  Naruto Uzumaki Same Style Cosplay Blonde Wig
What’s the key to cosplay? Wig.
The success of your role depends on the perfect wig. You can choose the same wig of your favorite character instead of hurting your hair to be him/her. Decided to be Naruto with short blond hair? We have saved your time by finding the perfect sleek, shiny wig for you.

More Inspiration and Fantastic Costumes: https://www.mocoqueen.com/pages/sharingan-contacts

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